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The Indispensable Librarian

The Indispensable Librarian
This presentation examines the implications to school media specialists of the shift from print to digital information formats. Will librarians go the way of the slide rule and buggy whip or become the most important people on the planet? The current roles as outlined in Information Power are reinterpreted, and some additional, proactive roles are suggested. A discussion of specific media competencies, retraining opportunities, and job security strategies follow.

The Indispensable Librarian
The Indispensable Librarian (1 page)

Written comments about this presentation:

  • You presented The Indispensable Librarian to our librarians this past school year… The feedback we received from our librarians about your presentation was outstanding.
  • We can’t thank you enough for being the “kick-off” for our Spring Conference. What a way to start! You were terrific and an inspiration to the educators everywhere. Thanks so much for your participation. We certainly look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to hear from you.
  • Comments about your sessions from teachers and other participants were very positive. They were impressed not only by your ability to communicate, but also by your ability to inspire and motivate. It is always a pleasure to see teachers leave the conference with their enthusiasm for teaching and technology so recharged.
  • You were a total joy to work with.
  • Doug Johnson was great in that he combined a reality check about technology and our profession, humor (the best laugh I’ve had in a while), and inspiration to hang in there —we are important.
  • Doug Johnson was fantastic; super choice—funny, to the point, pertinent.
  • We really enjoyed your entertaining speech - it was inspirational and really summarized the role of the school library and teacher librarian perfectly. The interesting thing was that it really touched on what qualities make a good educator and leader in general. I know that our principal will use some of your insights in her next presentation. It was also nice have affirmation that a vibrant library does indeed make a difference in student achievement!
  • Whilst I have always seen the need for changes and tried to move things slowly, this approach has not always been successful. I have returned to school (from the conference) extremely motivated, and I am creating some great opportunities for myself (as well as for the kiddies and the school).  I found your presentation very inspiring and have come back to school and started on the road to becoming a Rabblerouser · and to tell you the truth - it’s been a fun journey so far. Thanks for giving me a bit of a nudge.
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