The webpage FAQ

  1. Where is the Blue Skunk blog?
  2. Where can I find your book Machines are the Easy Part; People are the Hard Part?
  3. I just attended one of your presentations. How do I get the handouts?
  4. What workshops and presentations do you give?
  5. Where can I find your ethics resources?
  6. Where can I find all the CODE 77 rubrics?
  7. What books have you written and how can I order them?
  8. Where can I find Johnson’s Little List of Library and Technology Laws?
  9. Where can I find “What Gets Measured Gets Done: A School Library Media and Technology Program Self-study Workbook (2007 revision)?” (Tools section now includes the “Mankato Survey of Professional Technology Use, Ability and Accessibility Version 3.0?”
  10. Where can I find your resources on school and library facility design?
  11. Where can I find your columns?
  12. Where can I find your articles?
  13. What is the best way to contact you?
  14. Where is the list of t-shirt sayings from your presentations?