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Presentation comments

Comments from workshop and presentation evaluations (and I am NOT making this up!)

  • “You have been a breath of fresh air. It’s obvious that you know this stuff as well (or better than) most of the experts, but you manage to keep it entertaining. Thank you so much—I was beginning to wonder if somebody like me, who sometime sees the world in a slightly skewed fashion (perceived by some to be not serious enough) would be able to fit in. You have set a wonderful example—professional and yet funny. A perfect mix!”
  • “Positive, encouraging presentation. Lots of suggestions presented in a relaxed “you can do it” manner. Not hyper or so “over the top”. I could related to most of the situations he discussed and see immediate applications to my situation.” 
  •  ”…things are going great with the Grant.  The evaluations of your presentation were extremely positive. Your  ground work accomplished what we needed and we have been building on that since. We have had 2 collaborative sessions since then and the last workshop, and last Tuesday was remarkable— the sharing of lesson ideas and activities happened the way we had hoped.”
  •  “It’s a joy to be part of a workshop when the presenter clearly enjoys what he does and encourages and values direct input from his audience.”
  • “I am writing to express my appreciation for a job well done. Your speech was a great way to start the event and conference for both administrators and teacher librarians. My principal talked about your talk being enjoyable as well as informative”.
  •  “I want to thank you again for being with us…—you were ‘boffo’, as “Variety” would put it. We’ve gone over the evaluations and your ratings were stratospheric! Delegates appreciated the wealth of information you shared, the food for thought that you gave them and the effective way you presented/engaged them. It’s obvious that not only are you expert in your field but you are also an outstanding presenter—a rare combination…”.
  • “You have a great message and a magical way of connecting with and inspiring teachers, administrators, tech folks, etc. And on top of that, there’s that wonderful Wobegone-ish charm.”
  • “Mr. Johnson’s presentation was enthusiastic, humorous, and very well organized. His ideas were practical and ones that I definitely see myself implementing.” 
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