Johnson’s Library Mission: To get back the overdue readers, not the overdue books. (More rules)

WELCOME to my “personal” homepage. This is a way of separating my efforts as the Director of Technology in the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage (MN) Schools and my professional efforts as a writer and speaker.

I am great believer in the “stone soup mentality.” Like the soldiers in the old French fable, I know that when each person in a profession, organization, or community brings his or her individual talents and efforts to the table, everyone benefits. This page holds my offerings to the profession of library media and technology. I have certainly borrowed lots of wonderful ideas from many of you. I am obligated. (See “Why I Write For Publication,”)

If there are things of interest and value to you on this site, please use them as you can. Please note that the materials on this website, like my Blue Skunk blog, carry a Creative Commons license. Like most folks, I like to be credited for my work and you need to remember these writings and tools are only for nonprofit use within your organization.

I welcome your feedback on any of the writings you find here or on any of my presentations you may have attended.

Thanks for visiting.